Real-time Agent Assistant

Speaking tips and warnings, restraining non-compliant behaviors of agents

Real-time Agent Assistant
The system mainly supports two business scenarios:

(1) Real time early warning monitoring: in the field of call center, the agent administrator or quality inspector needs to monitor and inspect the agent call process. The early warning monitoring module of the real-time voice analysis system can provide the function of real-time quality inspection in the event. Through real-time transcription and model hit analysis, the manager can help monitor the call of multiple agents at the same time.

Function highlights: the project is initiated by real-time quality inspection projects, without the need for real-time pop-up screen related functions, and only the related functions of early warning are sold.

(2) Real time agent assistance: in the field of call center, the agent needs to operate multiple systems and consult multiple documents in the process of communicating with customers to provide services to customers. The agent assistance module of real-time voice analysis system can provide real-time transcription, process matching, customer portrait, information extraction, knowledge assistance and other auxiliary functions to help the agent provide services to customers with high efficiency and quality.




Real time transfer function

Update screen within 1s

Process matching function

Simultaneous tracking and switching of multiple processes

Information extraction function

Extraction of customized information points and filling of auxiliary work orders

Address extraction and completion function

Built in national address POI keywords, which can be connected with privatization and cloud map engine

Customer portrait function

Define the on-screen display of customer portrait labels to realize the assistance of customer portrait

Knowledge assistant function

Support docking with third-party knowledge base and knowledge search

Alarm monitoring large screen function

Monitor all agent calls at any time

Historical listening

Historical listening: trace the whole call process



Many cases

With sufficient experience in analyzing cases, the recognition rate in insurance, banking, automobile and other fields is the highest in the industry

Strong modeling ability

Multiple modeling capabilities, providing higher accuracy analysis capabilities

Fast data processing

Realize real-time analysis and calculation, zero cost of historical data backtracking

Support autonomous training

Support speech recognition adaptive training and acoustic and language model optimization



Real time warning

(1) Combining semantic features and model matching capabilities to hit early warning points

(2) Early warning information is not limited to emotion, silence, speech speed, interposition and taboos

(3) Full time, full agent real-time warning, global abnormal event statistics

Real time assistance

(1) Provide standard interface and support rapid docking with third-party knowledge base

(2) Support excellent script reminders

(3) Support customer retention script reminder

Intelligent construction work order

Real time work order information extraction to improve the effectiveness of work order information

Process tracking

(1) Visual process management, new processes can be customized by dragging

(2) Real time pop-up interface, which can track the process path and view the historical call process

(3) Realize real-time quality inspection of service process and real-time guidance of sales process

Scheme Comparison


Scheme Comparison


Voice Analysis System

Realize second-level analysis, with the highest recognition rate in insurance, banking and other fields

Real-time Agent Assistant

Speaking tips and warnings, restraining non-compliant behaviors of agents

Voice Quality Inspection System

Daily processing capacity 1000 hours+, 100% full quality inspection

Intelligent Voice Robot

Support two scenarios of outbound and inbound calls, human-machine collaboration

Visual Analysis System

Visualized real-time large screen based on voice big data, real-time public opinion warning

Car Voice Assistant

Provide end users with an integrated “cloud + terminal + core” automotive intelligent interactive service

Smart Training

Support multi-channel teaching such as APP and mini programs, and teach speech in a scene interactive way

AI Capability Platform

Deep integration of AI based on the two core capabilities of speech recognition and speech synthesis