100% independent research and development of core technologies, creating a technology + product + service model, to increase efficiency and benefit for enterprises
Voice Analysis System

Realize second-level analysis, with the highest recognition rate in insurance, banking and other fields

Real-time Agent Assistant

Speaking tips and warnings, restraining non-compliant behaviors of agents

Voice Quality Inspection System

Daily processing capacity 1000 hours+, 100% full quality inspection

Intelligent Voice Robot

Support two scenarios of outbound and inbound calls, human-machine collaboration

Visual Analysis System

Visualized real-time large screen based on voice big data, real-time public opinion warning

Car Voice Assistant

Provide end users with an integrated “cloud + terminal + core” automotive intelligent interactive service

Smart Training

Support multi-channel teaching such as APP and mini programs, and teach speech in a scene interactive way

AI Capability Platform

Deep integration of AI based on the two core capabilities of speech recognition and speech synthesis