Core Technology
Industry-leading self-developed ASR capabilitiesIndependent research and development of speech recognition algorithms with independent intellectual property rights, massive industry data training, industry-leading accuracy
speech recognition
speech recognition

● industry self-developed ASR capability

Speech recognition algorithm with independent intellectual property rights, massive industry data training and high accuracy

● rich data accumulation of vertical field scenarios

With the implementation experience of more than 200 projects, he can effectively complete data annotation and model training

● support multilingualism / Dialect

Support standard / accented Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Sichuan and other recognition models

speech synthesis
speech synthesis

● industry self-developed TTS capability

Based on deep learning and end-to-end technology, we independently develop speech synthesis technology with independent intellectual property rights to provide 'cloud + end' synthesis capability

● support multilingual / Dialect

Support the real-time and accurate conversion of Chinese, English and Cantonese multilingual texts into natural and process speech, MOS third-party certification up to 4.85, and multi tone options

natural language processing
natural language processing

● domain knowledge map

Solve semantic ambiguity and support semantic logical reasoning and verification.

● multiple rounds of dialogue

Combined with the user's dialogue history information, accurately understand the current user's input.

● task driven dialogue natural language processing

During the dialogue, the next action is determined according to the current state to assist the user to complete the task of obtaining information or services.

● long term memory and short term memory

According to the user input history, the user portrait is constantly updated to distinguish the long-term characteristics and short-term needs of users.

Speech analysis
Speech analysis

● self developed unstructured data analysis technology

● support flexible storage and analysis of voice, video and other unstructured data.

● rule analysis engine with independent intellectual property rights

● 100 million level data second level analysis, quasi real-time feedback analysis results

Voice wake up
Voice wake up

● high accurate wake-up rate + false wake-up rate

● wake up rate > 95%; False wake-up rate < 2 times / 100 hours

● support wake-up word customization

● customers can customize personalized wake-up words

● support continuous speaking of wake-up words and instructions

Dialogue management
Dialogue management

● based on mature semantic understanding engine

● rich context processing methods

● rich answer generation methods

● dynamically adjust dialogue process

Voiceprint recognition
Voiceprint recognition

● conversion of acoustic signals into electrical signals

Then the computer is used for recognition, which mainly uses the uniqueness of the voice to identify and confirm the speaker ­

● intelligent voice quality detection

Intelligent detection of voice through algorithms, whether there are problems such as collecting people's unreported identity information, emotional instability, mechanical repetitive content, etc

● support multiple acquisition modes

Support dialogue mode, reading mode, etc., and can directionally collect the voice of the collected person